It starts with a car….

MX-5 Race Car

All the cars in the race series are basic Mk1s with very few modifications allowed. The intention is to keep the costs down and ensure that it’s the drivers that make the difference not the cars.

So… it was off to Newton le Willows on Merseyside to take a look at an ex-Championship winning car that was up for sale on a Facebook MX5 Buy and Sell group.  That’s a long way from my home in Berkhamsted (otherwise known as Berko). About 4 hours…. That’s a long time in a car with your Dad for company. Ali Bray from AB Motorsport brought his trailer up and gave the car the once or thriceover.

A few dents… plenty of spare parts… but generally in decent nick. I let the Race Team Director (Dad) handle the negotiations (he likes that kind of thing) and a deal was done at £3,900.

I’m the proud owner (OK… part-owner) of a race car. But there’s a bit of work to be done… on the car and my driving ability!

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