Will you give your support to an aspiring racing driver?

You can find out about me, my past, my present… and my future .

This year, for the first time, I’m competing in the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship, something that I’m incredibly excited about, and cannot wait to get started. I’ve chosen the MX-5 Championship as it is a car that I’m very fond of, in all its old and new guises. From my debut on track days in an MX-5, I found out it was the most fun, most exciting thing that I’ve done. 

Racing cars is not cheap. Ask my Dad…. Even though I’ve chosen one of the cheapest ways to get into motorsport.

What’s in it for you?

It’s not just about putting your logo on my race car. Of course, that’s a given. I promise that I’ll give you plenty of coverage on my race blog and links from my web site.

But it’s not just about me. I’d also like you to get involved. Come to one of the eight meetings that I’m competing in this year. Bring some of your staff, friends, or colleagues to a race day. Meet my support team at AB Motorsport. Get to know me… your “adopted” race driver….. and give me your encouragement in kind and in mind.

 OK…. So, how much?

I’m offering “shares” in my race season. There’s 100 shares on offer. Each share is £100.

I’ve already sold 60 shares. So, I have 40 shares to go. They can be funded in cash or in kind. If you’re in the automotive business, then your funding might come through discounts that I can obtain on essential supplies for the car.

For every share, here’s what you get:

  • Your logo on the car. Of course!
  • Your logo on my web site.
  • A profile on my sponsors page.
  • Links to your web site from various pages on my web site.
  • Use of my race pictures to promote your sponsorship.
  • Email updates on progress with the car and the race series.
  • An insight into amateur motorsport… you might even get the bug.
  • A nice warm feeling, knowing that you’re supporting a true enthusiast.

For five shares and above, you’ll also get this:

  • Lunch with an aspiring race driver (that’s me… at one of the race meetings).
  • A passenger experience at a track day in my race car or in our Mk3 MX-5 BBR.
  • If you enjoy the passenger ride, and want to have a go, I’ll register you as a driver for the track day, and we can see how you do!


Of course, you are!

Drop me an email, and let’s discuss how you can get involved.