MX-5 at Brands Hatch

It’s an MX-5…

The BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship is a single make, single class race series for the Mk 1 1600cc Mazda MX-5. The regulations say that “the only vehicles permitted are those that meet the specification of those that were available for sale via the Mazda Dealer network. Specials, one offs or limited edition vehicles or components are not permitted…… The only permitted engine is the Mazda B6 engine with a bore of 78.00mm and a stroke of 83.60mm…. The maximum permitted engine power output will be 105 hub horsepower when measured on the championship nominated Dynapack Chassis Dynamometer”.

Sneaking a turbocharger under the bonnet isn’t a good idea. Some very minor modifications are allowed, but in essence, anything that means you can go faster than another car is out. The Championship is about putting all the competitors on a level playing field (not the ideal metaphor). It’s about keeping the cost down and allowing drivers to compete based on their racing skills. 

So, I’m racing a car with 105bhp… that’s 123bhp less than the Audi S1 that I drive to work!