I passed first time…

ARDS test

…which is better than I did in my regular driving test.To be honest, it’s probably pretty hard to fail your ARDS test. The test itself is fairly straightforward. A written session followed an on-track assessment. Provided you drive within your limits and don’t do anything dumb, you’ll pass.

My test day was at Brands Hatch with MSV. I invested in an hour on track with an instructor, before the test, as the test car was an unfamiliar front wheel drive Peugeot. I’m a rear wheel drive man and a Quattro man when it comes to Audi.

I also had to pass a medical. My NHS GP wanted to charge me £100 for this five minute medical. An MSA approved doctor who I booked online cost me just £45. So, there’s £55 I can invest in a tank of petrol.

The forms went in and within a couple of weeks  been submitted, I got my race license .

I’m now Matt Pollard – National B Competition Licence holder. Find me a race track.

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