With tightly controlled regulations and few modifications allowed, the Mazda MX-5 Championship aims to be a low-cost entry route into club motorsport. The Mazda MX-5 Mk1 has always been a very popular choice with competitors looking for affordable and competitive racing. But… motorsport isn’t cheap whichever route you take. Here is the kind of cost I’m going to have to factor in.

Also, take a look at the Additional costs to go racing that we didn’t factor in when we built this budget. 

 A race car (you’ll need one)  £6,000 I bought a previous Championship car for £3,900. Another £2,000 was required to refurbish it and bring it up to specification for the BSRCC Champioship.
Membership of the BRSCC  £135   
Entry fee for the BRSCC Championship  £300  
Go Racing Pack £105 From MSV – contains the pre-ARDS text video and the licence application form.
 ARDS test   £250  I took my test at Brands Hatch with MSV. It’s not difficult to pass. It’s really intended to ensure that you know the rules of the track and are a safe and competent driver on track.
 ARDS instruction  £230  You take the ARDS test in one of the MSV cars –  a front wheel drive Peugeot. A bit different from a rear wheel drive MX-5. So, I invested in a few practice laps before the test.
 Race wear and helmet  £1,200  I went to the AutoSport Show and got a decent discount from Demon Tweeks on a package of around £1,000 for boots, balaclava, long johns, top, Hams device and a decent race suit. I’d already invested in a helmet and gloves for track days. 
 Entry fee per race  £425 You have to pay this in advance of the race to confirm your place.
 Support costs, tyres, pads, fuel per race  £1,000  I’m using AB Motorsport to provide my race support.  It can vary according to whether its a one day or two day meeting and whether you do the test day on the Friday.
 Damage……  £?  Let’s hope not.