Brands Hatch into the gravel

In race 2, I started 7th on the grid again, as the result you get in the previous race is where you start for the next race. I was happy with this as I would be starting in the same place, also on the inside again. The field completed the warm up lap again, and we lined up again for the race start. This time, I focused on getting a better start. The lights went out, and my start was much better. I immediately gained a position off the start line. I again carried the inside line down the hill through Paddock. Coming down toRead More →

Brands Hatch Qualifying

We arrived at Brands Hatch on the Saturday morning, having had a get together the night before with the AB Motorsport crew. Having signed on for the first time, I made my way down to the team’s garage. My nerves had actually been quite calm in the time leading up to the weekend, with just a feeling of apprehensiveness creeping in. This all changed when I saw my car, with all its BRSCC and new AB Motorsport stickers looking ready to take the weekend on. The sight of the car got me excited for the weekend, and raring to the go. I was allocated toRead More →

CarMagic MX-5 livery

Motorsport isn’t cheap! So, it was great news today when Car Magic agreed to come on board as my bodywork and livery sponsor for the 2018 BRSCC MX-5 Championship! They will be handling all the bodywork and paintwork needs. I am incredibly thankful to them for their support and really excited about Car Magic as a sponsor. Let’s hope I don’t have too many prangs this season! They will give the race car its new look, and fix a few of the dents that I have inherited from the previous owner. Having agreed that they can have a half share on the the car, in terms ofRead More →


A wet track day at Snetterton….  The weekend started with me driving up the night before, and meeting with the guys from AB Motorsport. We had a laugh and a few drinks to calm the nerves before tomorrow’s test day. The morning came, and I headed to Snetterton. The AB Motorsport crew had already left to set everything up. After a brief and rather fast encounter with an Aston Martin Vanquish (…which who would’ve guessed, was going to Snetterton too) I arrived. The crew already had the car up in the air for the new differential to be installed. After a seemingly longer than usualRead More →