So…. this is the plan.

I’m signed up with AB Motorsport for the BRSCC MX-5 Championship for 2018. 8 race meetings and 24 races in total. There’s plenty of experienced drivers for me to learn from   It will be fun, I’m sure it will be competitive. I’m looking forward to it  

I’ll give it my best shot. Let’s see if my ability matches my greed for speed!

Keep up to date with my progress in the Racing Blog.

And why not sponsor me, as Car Magic and IAGTO have done, and enjoy a day out at the BRSCC Mx-5 Championship. 


In 2021, I joined Prodrive, the world’s leading independent motorsport company, as a Parts Coordinator, providing support to Aston Martin Racing teams at circuits across Europe. So, that put an end to my personal racing career due to being away at a track for work on many weekends.  But I’m loving the experience of attending race meetings at the major European motorsport venues and helping our AMR drivers and teams to succeed in the various GT4 championships.