Cadwell Park Mist

Cadwell Park is one of the most technical and challenging race circuits in the UK , set in the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It’s on a scenic par with Spa Francorchamps and Anglesey. But, keep your eyes on the track, not the scenery.

It’s also a track with its own weather ecosystem, as I found out this week.

Mist…. a  weather phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air… greets me at Cadwell Park. It’s not great news when cars arrive for a track day or a testing day. But, eventually after a 1.5 hour wait, the track is open. Throughout the day, I’ve been recording some encouraging lap times which bodes well for the weekend meeting.

Check the bonnet pins…

…even if you’re the driver, and you have a support team (whose job that is)…. At the end of a successful day, it all went “bonnet up”. Out for a late in the day session, up comes the bonnet. A bit of a mind forming experience. You can’t see a great deal when there’s a bonnet on your windscreen. So, a replacement bonnet needed, and a new windscreen fitted at very short notice by the very helpful guys at Lincolnshire Windscreens.

Up the hill at Cadwell Park

Tomorrow, let’s see if, I can take those lap times from testing into the qualifying session. The weather forecast… is for rain. But with the Cadwell ecosystem, who knows…. it could be glorious sunshine.

Oh… and let’s keep the bonnet where it’s meant to be.

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