BRSCC MX-5 at Cadwell Park

The Mazda MX-5 Championship finally got off to a start on 1st and 2nd of August at one of my favourite circuits, Cadwell Park. Due to Covid-19, four of the season’s race weekends have been cancelled, meaning that I won’t get to race at Anglesey, Oulton Park, Snetterton and Croft. And the shortened season means that many of the championships are being crammed into the available tracks. So, fewer races and shorter races for the rest of the season. A bright start to Cadwell The packed timetable meant only 15 minutes for qualifying and only two 15 minute races. On a bright, sunny day, qualifyingRead More →

Cadwell Park MX-5 Championship

I was looking forward to the Cadwell Park race weekend, as in the previous season I managed my first podium there. Also, the circuit is a brilliant one, rewarding you for pushing the envelope but biting hard as soon as you overdo it the smallest amount. Testing in the wet The Friday test day went well for me, enjoying my second visit to the circuit. Times came down throughout the day and I felt confident going into qualifying on the Saturday. On Saturday morning I’d booked the 30 minute practice session as Cadwell is a track where I feel seat time is of the upmostRead More →

Media interview BRSCC MX-5 Championship

If you’re thinking of entering the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship, then you may not realise that they put all of the races on Motorsport TV and broadcast them on YouTube. At Cadwell Park, I made it on to the podium for the first time. So, my first time on camera, with a mike stuck in front of me. As you will see, I was quite pleased with my start! Next time, I get up there, I’d better mention Car Magic, my sponsors (…advice from my Sponsorship Manager/Dad). How did I do? 

BRSCC MX-5 Cadwell Park

I’m still recovering from the shock! A second place and a podium in my second race at Cadwell Park in the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship.  For the second race, I was starting in 3rd place. I knew this would be my first chance at a podium and I had to take it. Before the race I was really calm, with the boys from AB Motorsport around, ready to help with anything. Olly and Tony Allwood came down to give me support and advice on how to handle the pressure. With a red flag ending the Porsche race before mine, another 20 minutes was put ontoRead More →

BRSCC Cadwell Park June 2018

The weekend really started for me a week before on the Wednesday, as I had my first track day at Cadwell. I wasn’t happy with both my performance & the car’s performance at Snetterton so wanted to get ahead of the game for the next round at Cadwell Park. The first track day went well with no hiccoughs and with me acclimatising to the circuit. Skip forward one  week and I’m back on the Thursday before the race for another track day. As I was now used to the track, I could be more committed through some of the more demanding corners on the circuit,Read More →

Cadwell Park Mist

Cadwell Park is one of the most technical and challenging race circuits in the UK , set in the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It’s on a scenic par with Spa Francorchamps and Anglesey. But, keep your eyes on the track, not the scenery. It’s also a track with its own weather ecosystem, as I found out this week. Mist…. a  weather phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air… greets me at Cadwell Park. It’s not great news when cars arrive for a track day or a testing day. But, eventually after a 1.5 hour wait, the track is open.Read More →