A wet track day at Snetterton….  The weekend started with me driving up the night before, and meeting with the guys from AB Motorsport. We had a laugh and a few drinks to calm the nerves before tomorrow’s test day. The morning came, and I headed to Snetterton. The AB Motorsport crew had already left to set everything up. After a brief and rather fast encounter with an Aston Martin Vanquish (…which who would’ve guessed, was going to Snetterton too) I arrived. The crew already had the car up in the air for the new differential to be installed. After a seemingly longer than usualRead More →

Rockingham Circuit

This was the first time I had visited Rockingham Motor Speedway for an actual track day. I had been to the venue three times before, all for car control days, one, in particular, being a Learn2Drift day run by Andy Arnott. The morning started with the car lift for the lorry playing up… that’s sod’s law, when you need to get your car out on the track. So we had to do the sighting laps in my Dad’s Mk3. After the sighting laps were complete, I was ready to finally get out on track in the race car. I had my new tyres fitted andRead More →

Race gear

Meaning clothing wise! Track days are cheap when it comes to dress code. Take a helmet, maybe some gloves… jeans and a tee shirt and you’re sorted. But go racing and you’re in a different world of motorsport style. The “what to wear when you go racing” thing gets a bit pricey. You can spend more on the gear than you have on the car! Helmet, Hans device, race suit, race boots, gloves, flameproof undies etc etc. It all adds up. A pre-season trip to the AutoSport International show got me sorted and was a good place to go to get a discounted package priceRead More →

ARDS test

…which is better than I did in my regular driving test.To be honest, it’s probably pretty hard to fail your ARDS test. The test itself is fairly straightforward. A written session followed an on-track assessment. Provided you drive within your limits and don’t do anything dumb, you’ll pass. My test day was at Brands Hatch with MSV. I invested in an hour on track with an instructor, before the test, as the test car was an unfamiliar front wheel drive Peugeot. I’m a rear wheel drive man and a Quattro man when it comes to Audi. I also had to pass a medical. My NHSRead More →

MX-5 Race Car

All the cars in the race series are basic Mk1s with very few modifications allowed. The intention is to keep the costs down and ensure that it’s the drivers that make the difference not the cars. So… it was off to Newton le Willows on Merseyside to take a look at an ex-Championship winning car that was up for sale on a Facebook MX5 Buy and Sell group.  That’s a long way from my home in Berkhamsted (otherwise known as Berko). About 4 hours…. That’s a long time in a car with your Dad for company. Ali Bray from AB Motorsport brought his trailer upRead More →