Having done a test day at Snetterton earlier on in the year, I felt good going into the race weekend – a weekend which last year, saw my worst finishes. Snetterton, at the time was a track I never felt wholly confident on, which was really down to one sector of the track, sector 3. The awkward braking zones for Nelson and Murrays always seemed to throw me off, as it requires you to brake and turn at the same time, which is never a recommended thing to do. But after the first session in the morning on the Friday test day, I felt thatRead More →

Race 2… get it into gear! For race 2B, I started 14th. My start was a lot better. My starting position left me in a group of cars wanting to fight for every inch of circuit. The race consisted of a tough but fair battle throughout the race. I managed to break away from this mid-pack. However, half a lap later, coming onto the Bentley Straight, I missed 3rd to 4th, as the gear would just not go in, and then lost the positions I’d gained! I got them back and finished 11th. I’d gained positions but not enough in my opinion. Not third timeRead More →

Snetterton BRSCC

Qualifying… where are the brakes! I felt good & confident going into qualifying as I’d driven Snetterton before and I’m familiar with the circuit. However, it was braking into the second hairpin (Agostini) where my confidence in the brakes all but vanished. I braked where I had braked before when driving the circuit, and where others were braking… but the car didn’t stop. I went straight on at the hairpin and re-joined the track.  I kept at it with a car that wasn’t up to it for the session, having to brake earlier than everyone else; the brakes just weren’t performing. So a  very disappointingRead More →