BRSCC MX-5 Championship Oulton Park 2019

Heading into the Oulton Park weekend, I felt quietly confident that I could find some good pace. A test day there, earlier in the year, gave me an idea of the pace I could achieve. But what was playing on my mind, was a feeling almost of regret. I realised that I hadn’t put enough effort and attention into some previous weekends, and that had definitely impacted my results. So, this weekend I aimed to change that. Testing… building confidence and qualifying in third The Friday test day was a good one. I focused on putting some good laps down and looking at the VboxRead More →

Oulton Park BRSCC MX-5

The second race at Oulton Park in the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship on 16th June was… an experience. During the day, we’d been waiting for the rain to arrive. And on the second lap it did… big time. A band of torrential, monsoon rain swamped the Oulton Park circuit. After 6 laps, the red flag appeared (although many of the drivers couldn’t see it!), and the race came to a premature end.  Take a look at the video to see just how bad it was.  Next time I’m going to check Weather Radar and get the wets on at the start of the race. 

Hitting a tyre wall at Oulton Park

Not exactly the way I wanted to start the weekend… It would be my first time at Oulton Park. Having seen the track on TV and Youtube, I was excited to experience it for the first time in the car. I arrived at the track the Friday morning for testing. It was the first time I’d seen the car with its new fresh Car Magic livery on. It looked great and spurred me on for the weekend. So, I was ready to head out for the first session of the day, behind fellow AB Motorsport driver, Michael Fisk. I headed out on track for theRead More →

MX-5 BRSCC livery at Oulton Park

The new livery is applied! It’s taken a while but thanks to great work by the designer, Katy Etherington, some reconstruction by the body magicians, Car Magic, and great de-livery by Amber Signs in Berkhamsted, the car now has its new livery. It looks great! It also features my latest sponsor, Mint Condition. Paul Minter, a Berkhamsted based personal fitness trainer is sponsoring my personal bodywork… and getting my body in shape. So, let’s see how it looks on the track… I’m sure it will go quicker!