MX-5 BRSCC livery at Oulton Park

The new livery is applied! It’s taken a while but thanks to great work by the designer, Katy Etherington, some reconstruction by the body magicians, Car Magic, and great de-livery by Amber Signs in Berkhamsted, the car now has its new livery. It looks great! It also features my latest sponsor, Mint Condition. Paul Minter, a Berkhamsted based personal fitness trainer is sponsoring my personal bodywork… and getting my body in shape. So, let’s see how it looks on the track… I’m sure it will go quicker! 

Amber Signs, Berkhamsted

Berkhamsted based graphic designer, Katy Etherington, has done a great job working on the livery design and implementing the Car Magic branding. It’s going to look (car) magic. Wanting to keep things local, I called on Amber Signs, a specialist in vehicle livery and decals, also based in Berkhamsted. So, a trio of Berkhamsted based expertise…. Car Magic, my sponsor, for bodywork and repairs, Katy Etherington for graphic design and Amber Signs for vehicle decal production.   Now…. We just need to get the livery onto the car. The plan is to get the car dressed at Cadwell Park….. but we’re on a very tightRead More →